About Me

Ron McKie

The Email Coach.

Hey there, I’m Ron McKie, your friendly email marketing expert and former football coach.

People call me the “email coach” because my coaching background gives me a unique ability to create winning strategies that align with my clients’ goals – and I’m all about helping content creators like you.

One challenge many content creators face is making their email campaigns and flows super effective without relying on over-the-top tactics that might annoy their audience. I totally get it – you want to connect with your subscribers in an authentic, hype-free way.

In today’s world, folks are more skeptical than ever, having been bombarded with countless flashy promises and pushy sales tactics. That’s why I was stoked to find a simple, powerful “model” for crafting emails that genuinely resonate with your audience – no spammy, over-designed messages needed.

This approach has led to record-smashing campaigns and automated flows for my clients, helping them attract even more high-quality customers.

Now, I’m excited to share my secret sauce with you right here on this website. So if you’re curious about how to level up your email game, stick around and let’s make some magic happen together.