3 Email Marketing Automated Flows Ecom Brands NEED

Do you want to make more money for your Ecom store through email marketing? If so, then you’re going to want to have these 3 email marketing automation flows set up in your ESP.

Let’s get into it…

Let's Make Some Money From Email Marketing

The Welcome Series Email Marketing Automation Flow

What is a Welcome Series Email Marketing Flow?

Well, it’s the first series of emails your subscriber gets when they subscribe to your email list.

Usually, this is some form of 10 to 20 percent off coupon.

The First Email in your Welcome Flow

These emails are important because this is your first impression at building a relationship with your subscribe.

That’s why it’s important to do something to stand out in their inbox.

Don’t just sent them the coupon and a button that says ‘Click here’.

Wow them…

Make them fall in love with you…

Make them pull out their wallet and hand over their money.

You do this with a personazlied email. Use their first name, talk about what you stand for, how you created the company…

…anything that humanizes you and your ecom store.

The Second Email in your Welcome Flow

The second email in your Welcome Flow Email Automation should be a highlighted product email.

The best companies will use their Number 1 best selling item in this email.

Don’t give the subscriber too many choices.

This is a huge mistake.

Use one item, talk about why the item is a best seller, and use testimonials too.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m thinking about purchasing something…

…I’ll check the reviews FIRST…

…then I’ll purchase.

The Third Email in your Welcome Flow

This is where the secret sauce is made. Because this email should rack in a bunch of cash.

What email are you going to use?

A testimonial email.

What’s that?

It’s where you pull a testimonial from your store (you have those right?)…

…and highlight what is special about the product.

Really lean into the testimonial….

…use a screenshot of the testimonial…

…then have the text of the testimonial in the email…

…and drive home the fact that YOUR product is the best product on the market.

Also, in the PS, remind your subscriber how the coupon is only good for a couple more days.

(Use FOMO as much as possible…gets people off the fence.)

The Fourth Email in your Welcome Flow

I like to use another product from your store in this email.

Maybe the best selling product wasn’t right for your subscriber…

…maybe they were looking for something else…

…so what’s your second best product?

Use that in this email and sprinkle in some testimonials from that product as well.

Also, use a PS at the bottom of the email to remind them of their discount that’s going away in 24 hours.

The Fifth Email in your Welcome Flow

This email is a quick one.

Just remind them their discount code will expire in 5 hours.

Give them a link to your best selling product…

…and be on your way.

Second Automated Email Marketing Flow You Need

Abandoned Cart Email Marketing Flow

The Abandoned Cart Email Marketing Automation Flow

If you don’t have a Abandoned Cart Email Marketing Automation Flow then you’re leaving HUUUUGE piles of cash on the table.

Don’t believe me?

Then check out this article by Campaign Monitor and weep.

So how should you set up your anbadnoned cart email marketing flow?

I like to use between 3 to 5 emails.

We’ll start out with 3 for right now.

First Email In Your Abandoned Cart Email Marketing Flow

I love to use a subject like like:

Subject: Order #14325

Then in the body of the email I will let them know what they have in their cart.

Let them know that you will hold their item in their cart for 24 hours.

(Again, using FOMO to get people off the fence and give you money.)

Just a little tip I’ve discovered while writing these emails out.

Don’t use a discount in the first email.


Because people might have actually forgotten to make the purchase.

You want to keep your revenue high and discounts cut into that.

So NO discounts in this email…



Second Email In Your Abandon Cart Email Marketing Flow

I’ve found in my experience that out of the ordinary emails work wonders here.

Emails like:

  • Different From Names
  • Talking About The Product
  • Testimonials
  • Reasons Why They Should Purchase

All of those emails work wonders in this flow.


Because most companies will send an email with a discount and a ‘Purchase Now’ button.

Remember, you want to stand out in the inbox.

You want people to click your emails and read them.

That’s how you make money.

And I want to make. you a shit ton of money.

(Also, this is a good place to add a discount code. Use it in the PS. People will thank you for it.)

Third Email In Your Abandon Cart Email Marketing Flow

Keep this one short and sweet.

Let the subscriber know that the item in their cart is about to get taken out.

They only have a certain amount of time before that happens.

And the discount code you provided them in the second email is about to expire.

Get them to pull out their credit card and buy the item.

Also, include another testimonial screenshot to let them know they aren’t alone in purchasing your product.

In fact, this product is so popular and well received that THOUSANDS of people have used…

…and LOVED…

…the product.

(You can’t go wrong with sharing testimonials. Remember this…when in doubt, testimonial it out.)

Third Automated Email Marketing Flow You Need

Post Purchase Yoda

You need to have a Post Purchase Automated Email Marketing Flow set up inside of your ESP.

This is the secret sauce…

It takes a first time customer…

…and turns them into a fucking RAVING FANT!


By walking them through your product…

…setting their expectations…

…and selling them other products from your store.

Let’s get into it.

First Email In Your Post Purchase Flow

This email should be sent out immediately once someone purchases.

You want to tell them how excited you are about their purchase…

…how them choosing your product means everything to you…

…and how they made the best purchase of their life.

The goal here is to inject some personality into your brand and your product…

…while eliminating buyers remorse.

A great example of this is can be seen here.

Second Email In Your Post Purchase Flow

How do you use your product?

That’s what this email is all about.

If you sell water pitchers then walk through how you do it.

How to add the filter…

How to pour the water…

When they need to change the filter…

Any and everything about your product goes here.

You can also tie in other products of yours that people use with your main product.

So back at the water pitcher idea…

You can link to more pitchers, filters, cups…

…anything you else you sell in your store can work here.

Third Email In Your Post Purchase Flow

This email is something I learned from Ian Stanley.

He calls it the Amazon email…

…and it’s freaking amazing.

What you do is say something like:

‘People who bought YOUR PRODUCT also bought’

And then list all of your products in a bullet list.

I know it sounds strange…

…but it’s worked for me in my football company…

…and worked for my clients as well.

There you go. Add these Automated Email Marketing Flows into your ESP and go make that money!