Pat McAfee’s Email Marketing Strategy

Bonus Material: The Email Playbook Swipe File

If you want to get seven figures in revenue from email, drive traffic to your sponsors so you can get more money from them, and have 1,000+ happy customers per year, then THIS is the email marketing strategy to do it.

In fact, it’s the exact strategy I use to generate over seven figures in revenue from email marketing for my clients.

This email marketing strategy is not ideal for all businesses, but it’s designed for businesses who want consistent and scalable email revenue.

Then read on to create your own Email Playbook and scale your business using email marketing.

Grab my Email Playbook swipe file below to see email examples from the strategy.

If you’re just starting to get your online business off the the ground, or running a small ecom business with a handful of products, then I recommend you read this first.

The Email Playbook: Email Sales Focused Marketing (Without Burning Your List)

Flash sales, holiday sales, best sellers…they’re all important in generating revenue through email in the short term. But nothing beats the long term impact on your business when you cultivate a relationship with your email list.

Here’s what that looks like:

Pat McAfee Strutting because he is making billions using email marketing
Pat McAfee’s happy with his relationship through email marketing

Ask any email marketer or copywriter how to make more money through email marketing and they’ll tell you this:

  1. Segment your email list into different parts and email only to those different segments.
  2. Run nothing but flash sales and huge discounts to make people purchase from you.
  3. Have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ email automation that will take your subscriber through a ‘customer’ journey.

That’s an old strategy and will burn out your list faster than the Colts burn through quarterbacks.

The Colts run through quarterbacks fast

The competition for the inbox is fierce now – you could spam your subscribers and destroy their trust in you and your hurt your email deliverability. And even if you made a couple of dollars in email revenue during this, you’ll never have a thriving list and will burn your fan base out.

The 3-Steps to Using ‘The Email Playbook’ For Pat McAfee To Build His Empire And Take Ownership of the Colts

There are three steps to execute the Email Playbook Strategy successfully for Pat McAfee

  • Step 1: Build his email list by getting his viewers from his popular show off of YouTube and onto his own email list. 
  • Step 2: Promote his online store merchandise to his growing email list of raving fans.
  • Step 3: Promote sponsorships and Live-In Person shows to his list to grow his cult following

Below is a breakdown of how every part of the strategy works. But first let me tell you what this has to do with a playbook.

Have you ever played football before? Or played Madden? 

If you have then you know that every team has a playbook – for offense, defense, and special teams. 

The better you understand the playbook and execute on the playbook then the better your team performs.

What you’re doing here is following a step-by-step guide on who to block, where to run the ball, what to look for when passing the ball, what the progressions are, what the checks are if the defense comes out in a different alignment…

…then you’re executing on that play and scoring a touchdown.

Once you build your email list, you will have hundreds of thousands of your ideal customers on your team and the Email Playbook will convert them into high lifetime value customers who purchase everything you promote.

BONUS: I put together a swipe file of the highest performing emails we use with The Email Playbook. You can access it for free inside this Email Playbook Swipe File

Step 1: Build Your Email List From YouTube

Pat McAfee telling people who don't use email marketing to suck it
You can ‘Suck It’ if you don’t use Email Marketing

According to Hype Auditor, Pat McAfee Show has had over 338,000 views in the last 30 days. The show has over 2 million subscribers and is adding 7,000 NEW subscribers every week.

Pat McAfee Show Past 30 Days who can join his email marketing
Pat McAfee Show is one of the most popular live shows on YouTube
Average number of viewers for Pat McAfee that he can use in his email marketing
Think of all the emails Pat McAfee could collect through his YouTube channel

If Pat and The Boys could capture ONLY 5 percent of that traffic each month, that would be 16,900 NEW email sign ups per month.

Or 202,800 for the year.

And if they were able to convert 20 percent of  those 202,800 email subscribers – fans of Pat McAfee and The Boys – into buying a shirt and hoodie for a value of $50…

…then they would be making 2,028,000 dollars a year…


Make it rain money with email marketing
Pat McAfee making it rain through email marketing

But Ron, how the hell is Pat McAfee going to get people to get on the list?

Simple, my dear reader.

Every single show Pat and The Boys do giveaways every single day on The Pat McAfee Show.

Instead of having the viewers tweet something with a hashtag and have Foxy or Zito look that hashtag up and pick out the winners, Pat could say to subscribe to their email list and the lucky winners drawn from there.

Why is this important?

Because Pat’s social media presence is FREAKING HUUUUUUUUGE.

Pat McAfee's Twitter Account which he can use in his email marketing
Pat doesn’t have 2.7 million email subscribers….YET

But he doesn’t own the asset. Twitter does. 

So how can you get access to all of those people who love everything about him and the boys and want to give him MORE money? By having them come into his world through email marketing.

This way you can build a deeper relationship with them while providing them with the giveaways.

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As Pat McAfee promotes his giveaways and social media prizes through his email he will gain a valuable asset which will continue to grow.

His email list can be used to promote his merchandise, his sponsors products, his live events, and anything else that’s going on in the world of Pat McAfee and The Boys.

Step 2: Promote his online store merchandise to his growing email list of raving fans.

Pat McAfee when he sees how much money email marketing generates.
Pat McAfee is excited about email marketing

Pat McAfee’s store has some freaking amazing merchandise. I mean, look at these:

Brett Farve Shirt to use in email marketing
Whaddd shirt he can use in email marketing
For the brand shirt Pat McAfee can promote in his email marketing

But the problem is he promotes it on YouTube.

Which means if people want to purchase something from his limited time sales or from his specialized merch drops then people have to leave his show and go to the website.

Since the majority of people watch YouTube on their phones then this can cause a headache of navigation and loss of sales.

But if he had a growing email list and ran a simple launch sequence to that list…

…he would sell out of his products within the hour.

So how can he do that?

By using a simple 4 Day Email Sequence that can be used over and over again.

Email 1

This is the announcement email. Nothing fancy. Remember, Pat’s list is FULL of raving fans who are looking for any reason to purchase his merchandise.

(Pat and the Boys can also sprinkle in deals from their sponsor to sweeten the deal.)

Email Marketing email for merch drop
First email for Pat McAfee’s New Merch Drop

Email 2

This is getting a little deeper in the email. We’ve already told them that the merchandise has launched. This is to remind them of the drop, tell them how long they have, and let them know there aren’t many shirts/pullovers/hoodies left.

Why do we want to do this?

Because we want to create FOMO. Remember, this is a limited time merch drop. We want to sell out as fast as possible.

email marketing email Pat can use for his merch drop
Second email for Pat McAfee’s New Merch Drop

Email 3

This email is simple. Remind them of the sale. Let them know that supplies are running low. They better act fast.

Email marketing email number 3 in Pat McAfee's merch drop
Third email for Pat McAfee’s New Merch Drop

Email 4

This is the final email. You say the sale is closing. There’s only a couple of shirts/pullovers left. At midnight the merchandise will be gone forever.

Email marketing email 4 for Pat McAfee's merch drop
Forth email for Pat McAfee’s New Merch Drop

Now it’s time to talk about how Pat McAfee can maximize his email revenue while getting MORE money from sponsors.

STEP 3: campaign Strategies to Maximize Email Revenue For The Pat McAfee Show

Pat McAfee golfing because of email marketing
Pat can’t wait to golf with his new email marketing money

One off merchandise drops won’t bring you the MOST money with your email marketing. Why not? Because one four email sequence isn’t going to maximize your email list.

What you need is a plan.


You need to show your sponsors how you’re using your email list in a way that will bring in EVEN MORE MONEY for them.

So let’s dive into it.

Tieing In Pat McAfee’s Sponsors Through Email Marketing 

Tie your email marketing in with your sponsorships
Make MORE From Sponsors Through Email Marketing

Now Pat McAfee has sponsors with:

  • Seat Geak
  • FanDuel
  • Five Hour Energy
  • Roman
  • Manscaped

Pat is able to get these sponsorships through his incredible YouTube channel. What do you think his sponsors would pay him if his sponsors knew he had a thriving email list that buys everything he promotes?

Let’s dive into how he could use his email marketing for FanDuel.

Pat McAfee dancing to email revenue
Pat McAfee dancing with FanDuel

For those who don’t know, FanDuel is an online sports betting platform. They brought in 1.9 BILLION dollars in 2021.

Fan Duel made over 1.9 billion dollars last year
Fan Duel is making BANK!!!! Wonder if they do any email marketing?

So how can Pat McAfee get more money out of them than the 30 million a year?

Email Marketing.

See, every single day they have a Super Boost on the show. This draws in new people to the FanDuel platform and grows their company.

Now imagine if Pat emails his list every day about their Super Boost?

Pat McAfee is rich now because of email marketing
Pat McAfee after incorporating email marketing into his business.

Again, The Pat McAfee show bets throughout the week on a variety of different sports. So how great would it be if you got their Super Boost through email when you’re too busy to watch the show to see what was selected?

Here’s how they could do it:

Email 1

A simple email with all of their picks. They could mix in some of what Hammer Dahn talks about as well.

Boston Connor's email marketing email
FanDuel email 1

Email 2

This could be for the Super Boost for Thursday’s game or for the Sunday slate of games. You’ll see how you could tie in your call to action with Fan Duel and get more people on the app → helping your drive more customers and users to Fan Duel while using it as a bargaining tool the next time the sponsorship comes up.

Super Boost email marketing email 1
FanDuel email 2

Email 3

The 3rd email asks a question in the subject line which will get more people opening and clicking through.

FanDuel Email Marketing
FanDuel email 3

This is just an example of what they could do through FanDuel. They could repeat this strategy for each one of their sponsors and pull in a bunch of freaking money.

The best way to do this if they wanted to would be to break it down by week (with an emphasis on still emailing about FanDuel)

  • Week 1 – All FanDuel
  • Week 2 – FanDuel on Tuesday and Sunday. Manscape the rest of the week.
  • Week 3 – FanDuel on Thursday and Sunday. 5 Hour Energy the rest of the week.
  • Week 4 – FanDuel on Thursday and Sunday. Seat Geek for the rest of the week.

Now You Try The Email Playbook For Your Company

You can take the system strategies and methods talked here about Pat McAfee’s email marketing and apply it to your own business.

Will you be able to own the Colts with this strategy?

Maybe not right now.

But with the right email marketing strategy and a reliable traffic source you could be easy 7 figures a year…

…or even a month.

Need an experienced email list manager to manage your email list and make more money for your business?

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